Investor Relations

Hyper Vision Limited

Investor Relations

Hyper Vision Limited has been investing in research and development since its inception in 2015, laying the path for future technologies and how medical care will be conducted in the near future.

Our primary emphasis is developing ground-breaking technology that allows surgeons to operate in a more secure and dependable environment.

The Hyper Vision Limited team comprises experts in their respective disciplines who have spent years researching and testing a wide range of medical solutions. The team has also explores innovative methods to apply Artificial Intelligence technologies to the medical field.

Hyper Vision Limited has attracted several prominent institutions, as well as private venture investors throughout the years. In early 2018, the company received a significant infusion of capital which we used to expand our workforce of engineers and invest in more stringent research and development.

Hyper Vision Limited

Future Timeline

The company aims to make its Hyprvue Headset available to all public and private healthcare facilities in the Asia Pacific area by mid-2022, following several successful trials in private clinics.

We obtained a second round of funding from private equity institutions in late 2020, with the funds being utilized to improve operations, and further research and development for artificial intelligence solutions.

The Hyprscope early prototypes are currently being trialed, with a commercial launch planned for 2023. For more information on Hyper Vision Limited, you may contact Mr Jonathan Yang, who has been appointed VP of Investor Relations. Please feel free to email any questions to [email protected].

Hyper Vision Limited is changing the future of healthcare by utilizing advances in augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology.
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