Hyprvue Headset

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Self-contained, wearable surgical navigation.

The Hyprvue Headset, our primary product, uses augmented reality to guide surgeons through complex procedures in a non-intrusive, user-friendly, and accurate manner.

Assisting in orthopaedic surgeries, the Hyprvue Headset provides high-resolution 3D overlays. A valuable tool for today’s surgical process, keeping the surgeons’ eyes on the patient while visualising medical data. Designed to blend in with day-to-day work and are made of medical-grade materials that are lightweight and ergonomic.

Pre Surgery – The surgeon plans the exact details of the surgery they will conduct using CT scan data to generate a 3D model of the area to be operated on. This allows the surgeon to pre-plan the operation with high precision using each patient’s unique anatomy. Then the procedure can be uploaded directly to the Hyprvue Headset processor instantaneously.

Surgery – The Hyprvue Headset will decide where the 3D anatomical blueprint can be placed in eyesight while not obstructing the view of the surgical area by positioning small markers around the operating field. Now the surgeon simply needs to put on the Hyprvue Headset and perform the surgery previously planned.

Post-Surgery – With the surgery pre-planned and displayed in front of the surgeon, the process will be completed faster, reducing the patient’s time under anaesthetic. Because of the high level of precision, it will make the procedure minimally invasive, reducing rehabilitation and healing time.

Surgical Equipment Monitoring

Identifies the position of the surgical tool instantaneously and assist the surgeon with digital tracking.

Transparent AR Display System

A retinal projection of full 3D anatomical and equipment detail in a heads-up display for the surgeons.

Self-Contained Electronic Device

This device does not require any additional equipment to work, allowing you to roam freely around the operating room.

Customized Headset Solutions

Integrated camera to record surgical procedures with adjustable design for comfort.

Hyper Vision Limited is changing the future of healthcare by utilizing advances in augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology.
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