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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) entails the use of computers to do tasks that would otherwise need human intelligence. This consists of developing algorithms to classify, analyze, and forecast data. It also involves taking action based on data, learning from new information, and continuously improving.

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming a vital component of the healthcare industry. In recent years, a large amount of patient healthcare data has been gathered. That data may be processed, organized, and analyzed using AI, allowing doctors and nurses to make more informed and efficient patient care decisions.

The healthcare industry can also employ AI for diagnostics, such as detecting tiny variations in patients’ health data, comparing them to similar patients, and improving radiology and pathology imaging diagnoses. AI can also aid in the early identification of potential pandemics and the tracking of disease incidence to potentially prevent or restrict their spread.

Hyper Vision Limited is changing the future of healthcare by utilizing advances in augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology.
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